Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to the day to day

Back home for a week and back into the day to day routine.  It's a bit different, as at this point I'm the only one not working. (At least for now). My gainful employment doesn't start for another 5 weeks. So I'm cheif cook and bottle washer for now.  I really don't mind, and actually enjoy taking care of BFB and GFB.  I like cooking and I'm doing a fair bit of it.  Nothing impressive, but tasty nonetheless.  
I also started the process for my newest volunteer gig.  Going to spend some time at Kansas City Hospice.  Interviewed today and saw the facility, which is fantastic.  Paperwork and the like is in progress.  Love taking care of things at home, but need to talk to other people, and get out of the house too.  I'd like to make some friends too.  Because since I've been here, I really haven't had the opportunity to make any.  

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