Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adventure day #4

Addendum for last night...
It stormed for hours. Lots of thunder and lightening.  Add that to the tick I found in the tent, and I didn't sleep fantastically.

Woke up at 6 to rain.  According to my trusty weather app..the rain would be stopping around 7.  Back to sleep for me.  Up again at 715.

Packed up the tent.  Shoved it unfolded in its bag.  It was wet and needed to be propetly dried and folded. Not happening this morning.  Maybe later.  Really didn't want to sleep in it again wet.

First stop, Gas.  Where my coffee was free when I got gas.  Nice start to my day, and good coffee at that.

Now across into South Dakota.  Much better roads immediately.  Iowa and Nebraska have some crappy roads.  
Stopped at The Corn Palace in Mitchell.  There was renovation of the actual structure going on, so it wasn't all covered in corn.  So needless to say I was not impressed.  But it was the first major town I'd seen in 2 days.  Walmart, Walgreens and a Mc Donald's all in the same place.
On the highway to Wall, and famous Wall Drug.  I don't even have words to describe it, but anyone who's driven on I 95 on the east coast... I liken it to South of The Border.  But better.  Way more atmosphere, nicer shops.  But sadly... No flying sombrero ride.  They even had the signs along the road for over 100 miles.  And there were bikes galore in town on the way to Sturgis.
I got a free bumper sticker.
I also made a hotel reservation for later from here.  I knew I was gonna end up near Sturgis... And this week is "the" Sturgis week. Hotel acquired in Keystone.  So on I drive.
Keystone.... Also packed with bikes.  But kinda cool.  Because of the time change, I had time.... I was early enough to go hit Mount Rushmore.  It's faces carved in the rock.  Huge.  Strange.  Really.
Then onto the hotel.  Which is decent.  More expensive than I wanted, but when it's Sturgis, and you book same day... I think it's fine.  Dinner acquired, back to he hotel after driving through torrential rain, sitting at a rest area with about 200 bikers waiting for said rain to lessen, for over an hour.  Walk into town, less than a block... Bought some t-shirts, and back to the hotel to do my laundry (free!!) and dry out my tent with my room airconditioner!  Now time for bed.  

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