Monday, August 4, 2014

Adventure day# 3

Up and out of Clear Lake early.  First stop was the memorial at the crash site where Buddy Holly was killed in 1959.

Today was mostly a driving day.  However I did manage to stop and see the worlds largest popcorn ball along the way.  

Tried to see the Castles in Ida Grove, but I had zero cell service, no google maps, and had no idea where to find them.  I realize that I could have just stopped into any open business and asked for directions, and I probably should have.  But I was feeling a bit off today, irrationally anxious.... Although I have no legit reason as to why.  I just didn't feel like interacting with people.  So I went along on my way.
GFB texted and made me feel a bit better, and not so anxious, but the feeling persisted.
Needless to say I was very happy to get to camp tonight.  Google maps gets a big fat booo over its directions to said campsite.  It led me seriously astray.  Like onto stone/dirt roads into nowhere. 
While retracing my route, I randomly passed a sign for the state park.  Otherwise I might still be driving.  

The tent sites here are seriously isolated. From eachother and everything else.  There are 16 tent sites on a 3 mile loop.  And my site is so far off the road and downhill I can't see the parking area or the road from my site.

If I didn't have other places to go, I'd consider staying here another night. It's really picturesque, and pretty.  

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