Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adventure day 1

 Well, day one is in the books.  I'm having a great time. Long drive through some really pretty country.  First stop, Eldon Iowa..... Home of the American Gothic house.  And yes.... I got a goofy picture taken.  Those that know me via FB can view the picture. It is genuinely goofy, and I'm again reminded why I'm never IN the pictures.  It was only a brief stop, but definitely worth the time and miles.  
Second stop... Columbus Junction Iowa, and Lovers Leap swinging bridge.  
It does indeed swing when you walk on it.  Even more so when other someone's are walking on it in the opposite direction.  

Last stop of the day... Bellevue State Park in Bellevue Iowa.  I happened to snag the last campsite when I arrived just after 5.  Lucky me.  I say this seriously yet at the same time with a bit of wry sarcasm.  I like to camp, but until now all camping excursions with one exception (the first time over 15 years ago) have been in the relative comfort of a smallish yet incredibly solid and sturdy popup camper.  I had previously vowed to never camp in a tent again.  Although that may have had something to do with the fact that it was drizzling for 3 days and we were sleeping in a very cozy (read SMALL) tent with a toddler in diapers, who incidentally had some sort of GI bug that weekend. But tonight this campground was a conveniently located and cheap place to stay. At $11.00 for the non water, non electric site, I think it was a pretty decent bargain, even if I did have to construct my bed and actual sleeping quarters. Bathrooms and showers in easy walking distance.  Which was a good thing, because I was seriously sweaty after setting up the tent.  I also did so with the door facing in the wrong direction.  I didn't care enough to take it down and have a do over. It didn't go up quite as easily as it did when BFB instructed me in its setup in our back yard a couple weeks ago, so at this point I was just happy it was up, and in an appropriate tenty shape. (BFB incidentally told me after this when I called from town, that there are zip doors on both sides.  WRONG... There is a zip window in the back, but it does not open to the outside...)

No cell service on the park, and spotty service at best in town, so I called from a clear spot to let BFB and GFB know I had landed at my intended stopping point safely.  I also picked up dome hard cider and done much needed dinner. Up till that point, a soda and a snickers bar, along with a bottle of water had beeny nutritional intake for the day.

So now I'm all showered (pull chain shower with not hot water) and fed... And sitting watching the world go by from camp with a mostly cold beverage in my hand.
I gotta say the view is damn fine. And gratefully very few bugs, and so far none of the bitey kind.
I'll post this as soon as I have a decent phone signal in the morning.
Another installment will likely be available tomorrow might
Good night all

(Addendum #1... I now know why there aren't any bugs.  As it's gotten dark... There is a quite large population of bats.  They were quite elegant whilst catching their dinner, but came a little close for my comfort.  So I have retreated to my tent after one last bathroom trip.)

(Addendum #2... The inflatible sleeping pad is actually quite comfortable.... For someone my size.  I think when BFB takes it on his solo camping trip he might find it a smidge on the small side.  It was also a bitch to get out of the cinch sack, and I have no clue if I'll be able to get it or my sleeping bag back into them.)

(Addendum #3.... I will be stopping at a pharmacy type place or a WalMart tomorrow for earplugs.  I like Mother Nature fine, but in the middle of the woods, She, and the owl in the tree directly behind my tent were quite peepy-cheepy and hooty.)

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