Friday, January 31, 2014

Questionable taste in music.

Sitting at a good friends house, to watch her for her first night post op.  I'm sitting on the couch and realizing at best, that her roommate has questionable taste in music.  
It's rap.  And I can understand the lyrics. My biggest gripe with rap music is usually that you CAN'T understand the lyrics.  I wish that were the case here.  Pornographic rap isn't exactly what I was looking for right now.
But considering after one drunken night, I ended up in this particular roomies bed, half dressed and still semi drunk, I can hardly comment or complain.  
This is gonna be an interesting night!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I don't wanna!

Tomorrow I'm on a flight back to NY.  I don't wanna be.  I just want to leave life there behind and get on with my future.
Having my flights cancelled, although a pain, and inconvenience, was wonderful.  I enjoyed being able to spend time here.  Not sure if anything is going to come of the interviews, or resumes I sent, but hope springs eternal.

Apparently I have yet another legal battle awaiting me.  My wonderful family (yes that was sarcasm) is contesting my power of attorney.  Drama drama drama. I can't wait.  (Again, sarcasm) It's going to be a giant pain in my backside.

But on the flip side, I'm gonna get to spend some time with my love, and my Bestie is going to be in town, all the way from the land of mountains and palm trees.  I'm super excited for both.  Planning on a girls night with both!  Some  food and wine, and catching up.

It's going to be hard going back to work after such a long stretch off.  But I'm starting the process of saying goodbye to people.  I may be in a hurry to leave, but there are still people I'm going to miss.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It was just supposed to be a New Years Quickie.

Its a new year, and the way I see it, its the start of a new life for me.  That's why I'm out here in middle America.  Well, it's why I was here initially anyway! 

I came out so I could be with those I love to start 2014.  And I'm still here because of the lovely weather in the Midwest and the bracing cold.  What the weather channel is calling a "Polar Vortex" has essentially left me stranded in Kansas City for a week past my scheduled departure point. 
Keep in mind that I use the term "stranded" very lightly.  I have a place to stay, and actually in a few months that place will be my home.  I am already calling it such.  I have all the conveniences of home, coffee, hot water, internet, Netflix a kindle and my iPhone. Not to mention someone to snuggle with at night. 

My next flight attempt is scheduled for Friday afternoon.  And as much as I've thoroughly enjoyed being here, I need to go back, if only to wrap up my life there and finish the process of transferring it out here.  That process has already started.  On a whim late last week I put in a bunch of job applications and sent out some resumes.  Kind of just for the hell of it.  The punch line here is that the next day I got a call from my first choice employer asking about the probability of a job interview. 3 hours later, I was AT that interview.  Today I had an interview with a second employer via phone, and possibly a follow up in person before I (attempt to) fly back to blizzard ridden CNY on Friday.  I have also started the address change process and have opened a local bank account.  Things are definitely falling into place.

Now when I get back to blizzardville.. things are likely to be a mess.  Literally and figuratively.  I will have been gone for 11 days at that time, and my fridge was not prepared for me being away that long.  Yuck.  My cat will also be desperate to see me.  (PETA...  you can relax, I do have someone taking care of and feeding him, but 11 days is a long time for him to be home alone that much and its also a long time for the kitty litter to go without significant overhaul.)  And the mountain of things that I need to do, accomplish, take care of, get rid of, or get set up, gets bigger every day I'm gone.
I also have some legal matters that need tending to when I get home as well.  I have vowed that the disaster I am in the process of untangling myself from will NOT delay my departure.

2013 was a really rollercoaster type of year.  My life is significantly changed since January 1, 2013.  I have moved..  Twice. I have lost the most important woman in my life, the only person who ever really truly loved me for my whole life and the only person I have loved for all of mine.  I will feel her loss until the day I die.  I have ended a relationship, and found a new one that is beyond explanation. 

A really wise woman recently said that I've had a lot to deal with this past year, and that I needed to figure out what went wrong with what I had before to figure out how not to make the same mistakes all over again.  I have figured out what went wrong.  I was with the wrong person, and stayed for all the wrong reasons.  But everything happens for a reason.  I had to experience a relationship that wasn't right, and didn't make me happy, so that when the "right" relationship came about, I would recognize it for what it is. I now have the "right" relationship(s), and I recognize them as the pieces of me that I've been missing, that I wasn't even aware WERE missing, until I found them. 
I am now with the right people and extremely happy.  It makes every day worth getting out of bed for.  Even if I only get out of bed to make food, and then go right back to snuggle with one of those people that makes life worth getting up (and going back to bed) for.