Thursday, August 14, 2014

Adventure day #11

Day 11 starts before sunrise.  I have quite a way to go in total today, and want to get an early start.  Today is Sans Dunes National Park.  Also want to be early, because apparently the sand can get pretty hot. The views there were fantastic.  I made the mile and a half hike to the top of the first large dune.  Took me 2 hours.  Sand is tough to walk uphill in!
Next stop, Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak.  I had no reservation for the cog rail that goes to the top and figured I'd be waiting till the next day, which was fine, because I had a hotel room for the night. Surprise, but they can get me on the next train.  Boards in 30 minutes.   Score.  Made the very long ride to the top.  Where we get to stay for all of 30 minutes before going back.  Took some pics, peed, bought a t shirt.  Back on the train for the ride back.  Didn't notice the altitude so much as I did in Flagstaff, but I am now exhausted.  Back to the hotel, and a call to have pizza delivered.
Ate an entire small pizza from dominos.  They have gluten free crust, and they deliver. Both make me happy. After dinner a shower and bedtime.  It was 7 pm.  Fast forward to 10 pm.  Wide awake.... Definitely not going back to sleep.  It was in this moment tgat I came to the realization that the only place I wanted to go now, was home.  I wanted my own bed, and familiar smells, GFB and frank.  And BFB snoring in my ear.
So, I checked out of the hotel.  The clerk was the same one who checked me in.  Gave me a strange look.  Started driving. Google says it's 9 hrs.  I can do this.  And I'll surprise everyone.  GFB will have already gone to work, but BFB should be in bed, as he's working tonite.  Around 530 when I start getting my good morning texts from GFB, I realize that it's a nice idea to surprise BFB, but as we own guns, and they're easily accessible, perhaps I shouldn't be sneaking into the house and into without warning him.
I do this, and he is still surprised.  Home at 830 am, and right into bed.  
Yep.  This is my place. The only place I want.  I belong right here.

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