Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adventure Day #5

Today was a very long day.  Glad I slept in.  Got up at 0730, and showered and was on the road by 0815.  First Stop.... STURGIS.  Yes, I know, Crazy.  It was extremely crowded, which I usually hate, and it took me 10 minutes to find anywhere to park.  Walked down Main Street.... completely in awe of the sheer number and types of bikes.  It defies imagination.  I really wasn't looking for anything in particular, just wanted the "Sturgis Experience".  Or at least however much of the experience I can get without a motorcycle!  During the day, its actually pretty tame.  I get the impression that after dark.. it gets a bit more wild.  I've been meaning to expand my Angel Tattoo to include "Gpa" under the "Gma" that's already there.  What better place to get tatted?  So I got a tattoo at Sturgis!

Second stop of the day... Devils Tower, Wyoming.  Awe inspiring and impressive.  I could see it for miles in the distance before actually getting there.  And the first glimpse I got of it coming over a rise in the road....  I immediately started to hear the tones from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".  After I posted a pic on FB, BFB was nice enough to include that via post from youtube.  Thanks B!
Side note, I was NOT abducted or probed, and I will not be playing in my mashed potatoes!

After that I made the very long, long, long trip toward Yellowstone.  It was a very long drive.  But that being said...  The drive was phenomenal.  Indescribably beautiful.  By far the most amazing part of my trip so far.  The rock formations in the Black Hills were towering, and very impressive.  You never knew what you were going to see around the next turn.  The road was twisty, windy, steep, narrow, and sooooo fun to drive.  I would've given damn near anything to have been on the back of a bike, and able to just watch all the scenery go by.  I feel like I missed a lot, and couldn't properly appreciate it, because I had to drive.  I feel really bad for everyone who was stuck behind me with no passing zone in sight.  I'm sorry, but I'm not likely to ever see this again, I want to see as much and appreciate as much as I can!  I stopped lots of spots to take pictures, but I wanted to stop all the time.  If I'd done that I'd never get anywhere.  So many of the great spots are just memories in my head.
From there I went through The Bighorn National Forest's southern edge.  The forest here was spectacularly primordial.  It was so beautiful and quiet and unspoiled and pure.  The sky looked more Blue, the air smelled clean like the pines.  I could've stayed forever.  Then I came out of the forest and over the hill, and the landscape was dramatically different.  It was dry, arid, and almost desert like with bluffs, and buttes, and scraggly brush, and rolling hills, sky you could see for miles and miles, and mountains in the distance.  And then the long desolate stretches of road, with nary a town, or building for tens of miles.  I had the radio off for most of my drive, and didn't really miss it.

Tomorrow, Yellowstone.

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