Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What's up with the lawyers?!!

For those that don't know, there are several ongoing legal issues in my life.  (All of you get your mind out of the bad place... It's not like THAT!)
Trying to finalize a divorce that's been in progress since December of 2012.  Per the last conversation with my lawyer all I need is to sign one piece of paper and get it back to him.  Problem is, I can't get him to call me back or send it to me.  I've been leaving increasingly urgent and decreasingly friendly messages for him to call me back for the last 2 weeks.  I'm so ready for the entire process to be over.  
The other is revolving around my late grandfathers estate.  Long story short: family drama abounds.  There is a property sale involved, and not only does this aforementioned family drama keep me from finalizing the estate and bring rid of these offending family members forever, the buyer of said property is now left hanging.  Totally unfair to her.  I wish people would heal themselves of their rectal cranial inversion, and stop being so hateful.  The lawyer handling this also seems to have broken fingers or has his jaw wired shut, because he hadn't seen fit to call me back after several unhappy messages in the last few weeks either.
So here I am.  Stuck with a very large amount of time off, and nothing to do but wait.  
And for anyone who knows me... I'm not exactly known for my patience.
So everyone please say a prayer to whoever or whatever you pray to, stick pins in your voodoo dolls with these lawyers in mind, cast spells or wave your magic wands in hopes that all this gets handled before I lose what's left of my mind, and before BFB and GFB need to find somewhere to hide my body.

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