Sunday, July 6, 2014

Post 4th happiness

BFB has a few days off work. (Fingers crossed here that no one calls in for the next 3 days). Today was a sleep in kind of day.  Up at 1430 ish... Caffeinated... And off to the range.  
Much better luck at the range today than last Sunday.  I'm gonna have a wicked bruise on my shoulder from his .308 but I'm not particularly upset.  I'll just add it to the ones on my foot and arm from my trampoline gymnastics the other night. (Don't ask.... But I have been reminded by these activities that I am indeed not 21 anymore!)
Home from the range, after a quick stop at Wally World for a few dinner fixins, to make dinner.  (White wine, garlic, basil and Dijon marinated chicken breasts)
Now suitably full and in couch potato state of mind.  
Just glad to have us all home together for dinner and whatever form of activity or non activity we choose tonight.  Sit outside by the pool?  Maybe.  Veg on the couch with mindless tv or movie?  Likely. Maybe even a game of Cards Against Humanity. (Not sure why we bother... The dog always wins!)
Happy week to everyone else... It's our weekend, and we're gonna enjoy it!

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