Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Little slice of perfect heaven.

This is how my day started.  After getting up at 0545...
Went to the marina to rent a boat.  Wednesdays is half off day with a coupon, and I'm not ashamed to say I used one!  $75 for an all day 24 ft pontoon boat rental... I'd lay out a coupon for that any day.
Got there first thing because we didn't want to miss a boat because we went too late.  So I went early and then back home to get BFB and GFB.  BFB was awesome and had sandwiches made and the cooler packed, and the fishing gear ready by the time I got home!
(Cooler consisted of Juice pouches, 2 types of hard cider, strawberries and cantaloupe marinated overnight in some peach skyy, Reuben sandwiches, and vanilla Pepsi.). Not bad eats for a boat trip.
The weather was fantastically beautiful, and we all enjoyed the sun.  And will probably pay for it tomorrow.  We all got a bit pink around the edges.
Swimming was great, the waters not more than 40 feet deep, so it was comfortable. Not too cool or too warm.  Just right.
We drowned a few worms and even caught a few fish.
I had a fantastic day, and I even got to drive the boat!

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