Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bad weather.

Today my friends in CNY got a taste of what the weather here in middle America is on a semi regular basis.  I truly feel for those who were affected by the severe weather. 
I've gone to this drive in for years, and the place will be surely missed.  Hope the owners decide to rebuild.

Last night the storm here was a bit wild.  BFB and GFB and I were sitting out back with our feet in the pool, watching the lightening bugs, smelling the summer air, and watching the light show, and listening to the thunder in the distance from the storm that was *supposed* to go to the north of is on the other side of the highway. 
All of a sudden the wind kicked up, and BFB made a comment that essentially stated we were about to have some not so pleasant weather.  In the process of packing up our chairs, kindles, iPhones and adult beverages.. A tree branch, albeit a small one comes flying at us.  Needless to say, the packing up process got a little less orderly and amounted to grab your stuff and run!  GFB wore a good portion of her beverage, and proceeded into the shower. BFB and I were somewhat luckier in the beverage department, and decided to hang out on the porch with the neighbors. BFB made a run inside for car keys to the newest vehicle when a distinct cracking noise was heard from the tree above where the car was parked.
Other than some wind and rain, essentially no damage.
Hopefully we can get through the remainder of summer storm season just as unscathed.

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