Saturday, July 12, 2014

What to do?!

I find myself in a strange place.  Not physically, but psychologically or maybe metaphorically. 
I'm not working at the moment.  I'm waiting on the credentialing process with the Government, which takes FOREVER. I'm in a relatively new city.  I've been here since March, but really haven't made any "connections".  I have those that I live with, but I really don't have anyone I could call "Friend".
Often (OK almost ALL THE TIME) I find myself without anything to do.  Sure I could go to the mall, or to the local Mart of Wal, or wherever, but shopping really isn't it for me.  Not to mention the fact that although I have money, I am at this point technically unemployed.  Going out and spending doesn't really make a lot of sense.
My first inclination is to clean everything in sight, and reorganize, reorganize, reorganize.  Well, since at least one of my SO's is sleeping during the day most days, (often both are), making a bunch of cleaning noise really isn't nice.  and as for the reorganizing, most of the stuff isn't mine.  and even if they were awake, If I were to go on a cleaning frenzy, I'd likely drive one or both of them crazy in short order.  The fact that I already barely let a dirty dish sit in the sink for more than a few minutes, or that the second I see a laundry basket sorta full, I snatch it away to the laundry room may already be making GFB a bit crazy.
I've done as many free online CME's as I can.  Perhaps I need to scour the interweb for another decent free site.  (again, not wanting to spend unnecessary money)  I have tried sitting down with the study guide(s) for my CCRN, but just cant seem to settle to the task of really studying.
I've downloaded a bunch of books to my Kindle, and do a fair amount of reading, but none of it is what anyone would call enlightening or intellectual.  its basically crap to keep my brain from imploding out of boredom.
I spend some time outside sitting in the sun, but I'm a bit more hesitant to do that since I had a little skin scare a few weeks ago. (turns out to be nothing, but I'm not as willing to tempt fate by baking myself in the sun nonstop at this point)
I do like to run, and exercise and the like, but frankly at this time of year, Middle America is too DAMN HOT, and humid outside to do much exercising outdoors.  And the house is very space limited.  Unless there's a major stuff dump, or overhaul of the downstairs bedroom/ office/ radio room/ sewing room, I really have no place to do that either. Again not wanting to spend money for a gym. 
I've spent a good amount of time on Facebook, and playing Candy Crush, to the point that I think most of my FB friends are sick of me asking for more lives.  And also gone practically blind playing on the tiny phone screen.  I've been much more prolific with blogging.  Not sure why, I'm pretty sure almost no one reads this anyway!  Kinda makes me wish I had the plot or even the beginnings of a plot, or the ability to write.  I'd contemplate a novel.  (yeah, I hear laughter in my head at that thought too)
I'm still planning my solo trip wandering across the country to wherever I happen to feel like going, but that's a couple weeks out because of GFB's shoulder surgery.  Hopefully she'll be functional enough a week or so after that she'll be ok during the day so BFB can sleep, and ok enough to make do on her own while he's gone to work at night.  If not.... then I stay home. 
Really what I'm saying is that I'm incredibly freaking bored.  Back in NY I had friends that I'd known 15 plus years. I had a volunteer gig or two to keep me occupied.  I had a house to take care of, a yard to play with, and no one to wake up or to care if I was vacuuming, or cleaning the oven at O'dark 30.
Its very strange to be damn near (grumble) 40 and not have any friends to fall back on.

 And how the hell do you make friends at this age anyway? 


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