Thursday, July 3, 2014

Men's shirts

Gotta do some shopping in the next few days.  GFB needs some men's button up shirts, some loose tank tops and some gym shorts and sweats.  
She's gonna be without the right wing for at least 2 weeks and maybe as many as 6.  This oughta be fun.  Sometime while she's still stuck in a sling, before she starts physical therapy, is when I plan on taking my road trip.  Sorry BFB.  
So anyway... Shopping trip.  Most of the stuff is short term use, and doesn't need to be fancy, so we'll be hitting the thrift stores.  Have I mentioned that GFB isn't really a fan of shopping?... 
Yeah.  I think I'll just pick stuff out and get us out of there.  The last time she tried on jeans, I sat in a chair for an hour.  After wandering the store for 45 minutes.
Help me!

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  1. Tell GFB and BFB hello from my household, and best of luck to you with the trip.