Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Solo road trip

At some point before new job starts I'm planning on a solo road trip.  probably through Nebraska and into South Dakota, before turning south through Colorado.... not really sure of the route or any stops along the way.  Planning on taking a tent and minimal camping gear.  I can even sleep in my car if I need to. 
There's a couple places on the list to visit, but plans are far from solid.  I just want to go and see stuff and take pictures and have the experience.  I don't have work right now, and things at home will continue to function just fine without me.  I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. 
I'm not trying to "find myself" or trying to escape from anything.  I just think having this kind of time off and the financial means to travel for a week or two, is an opportunity I really can't or shouldn't pass up.
Might I just "find myself" while I'm roaming?  Maybe.  I don't particularly think I'm lost, but I may just learn new things about myself.  Or I may be miserable and sad after a few days and abort the trip and come home early.
I think I'll come out of this missing the folks at home, and with some really great pictures, and maybe a rewarding experience.  Maybe it'll be the trip of a lifetime for me. 
Any ideas, places I absolutely must see?  I'm definitely open to suggestions.
Planning on staying north and west of home, but not as far as California or as far north as Canada.
More details when they become available.

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