Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back into the swing of things, a genreal Life update

After a week of Orientation, or what I like to refer to as "Death By Powerpoint"  I am finally back in an ICU.  I am happy to see that I haven't lost my ICU skills, and that as much as I thought this would be stressful, it isn't.  It is certainly a bit different from what I'm used to, but it's not a bad different.  Just a "different" kind of different. 
Everyone here has been extremely kind and welcoming.  I've even been tagged by one of the nurse educators that did my first week of "hospital orientation" to help teach a new Blood Administration class sometime this fall.  The Unit Culture where I work is very similar to where I came from, even though the ICU here is smaller in scale and quite a bit less busy.  I am getting the hang of things in the new place, and feel like I made the right choice and that this is a good place for me, now... and long term.
There are definitely some skills I need to brush up on, and I've already started doing so, but all in all I feel very comfortable with my skills, and clearly so do those who are orienting me.  My first day I was basically told that since I had significant ICU experience that they were going to see what I was "made of".  They weren't going to let me sink, but they wanted to see how well I could swim.  And threw me into the deep end of the proverbial ICU nursing pool.  Well, I think I did a hell of a lot better than they expected me to.  That's not to say I didn't need a bit of help, because the paperwork, computer system and charting are all quite a bit different that what I'm used to, but for my first day I know I exceeded my own expectations and I hope I exceeded theirs.  Today was day 3, and I am functioning almost completely independently.  I'm pretty happy with that.
At some point, probably when my official "orientation" wraps up, and I am really cut loose on my own, I'm going back to school for my bachelors degree, and maybe farther. I was lucky to get hired where I am with only an associates degree, and don't have a lot of advancement opportunities (read this as raises in my salary) without furthering my education.  I also, sorta, kinda, maybe, might be interested in teaching at some point, which makes an advanced degree a necessity.  I'm thinking online nursing program, with an RN to MSN track.  (If anyone knows of a good one out there, I'm willing to entertain recommendations.)
On the home front things are looking good.  BFB has a job offer, and will hopefully start work soon.  Right now he has a bit of time off, (probably not enough), and can hopefully relax a little after the stresses of the past few months. 
Still waiting for the estate to settle, this has become significantly more than a painful thorn in my side that I am looking forward to getting rid of.  Enough is enough already.
The divorce is reportedly only waiting for a judges signature.  That was supposed to be finalized by the end of September, but I've yet to receive paperwork to that effect.  My lawyer however, has been very prompt in sending me his final bill. 
(I'm sure no one is shocked)

Off to hit the books.  Happy Fall everyone.

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