Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tastes like chicken.

Yep, unlike most people my internet surfing does not inevitably lead to porn (not most days anyway!), it leads to food. 
Tonight's dinner is going to be cranberry orange chicken in the crock pot.
I altered the spice combo a bit, made my own cranberry sauce out of dried cranberries (leftover from Brian 's cranberry rolls recipe from Thanksgiving) used fresh squeezed orange juice and added some orange zest.  Those of you who know me know that recipes are more like guidelines instead of rules, and that I usually can't exactly replicate a recipe because I don't write anything down or follow directions. 
Let's just say that a lot of things I cook are a bit experimental.  Making the cranberry sauce, for instance.  I've never done that, and didn't even look for a recipe... I just did it.  I wasn't sure it would do what I wanted it to.  So far it tastes right and seems to be behaving the way I wanted.  Won't know for sure till it takes a turn through the immersion blender, but I have to wait for GFB to get up first. (The blender is a bit noisy)
And the chicken breasts came from Zaycon Foods, Internet purveyor of bulk meats. 
The chicken was the first meat we bought from them, and their reviews were mixed online, but we decided to take a chance.  The process wasn't exactly smooth, because of a supplier issue our pickup date was changed.  I think twice.  But the chicken we got was (is) great.  Not a ton of effort to process.  It came on large bags and we separated it into manageable family sized portions and vac sealed it for the freezer.  The breasts are HUGE!  2 breasts feeds our family of 3 adults, with leftovers.  And it tastes... Like chicken.

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