Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shifting schedules, and unimportant random stuff

It's 0330 and I'm up all alone.  My schedule has gone to the night shift, and I am still getting acclimated.  Loving the new job (Thank God) , and the people I'm working with.  As with all new jobs there are some things that I need to get used to, like weird policy and procedure issues, and figuring out who the hell to call at 3 am if there's an issue.  And trying to figure out where stuff is.  Because I can never seem to find what I want when I want it.  November is "like 1/3 over".  (Yes I now realize its the 5th, I somehow thought it was later)  And then he expressed a hope that my math at work was better.  (It IS...  mainly because I use calculators and pumps and other tools to make sure I'm accurate.  I know better than to do important math's in my head!)

On another note:

Perused some of the election results from last night.  I'm perplexed and incredulous at the same time.  Mostly about the legalization of marijuana in 3 more states.  Don't misunderstand me....  I'm not necessarily against decriminalizing weed, but the things that voters will decriminalize, and the things they continue to criminalize or vote down is amazing.  For example same sex marriage..... Most states have yet to legalize this, and some don't even recognize a legal one from another state.  But voters are totally ok with half the country getting high, on a known gateway drug, that has major health consequences.  I don't really understand how people rationalize some things in their head. 

Also, Random find from the internet....

In most states Bigamy is a FELONY.  In Missouri, its a class A Misdemeanor.  The last person was convicted of this crime in Missouri was a woman, convicted this year, and was only fined $500.  No jail time.   

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