Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Doesn't smell right.

First night in the "new" place down.  Once I finally fell asleep I slept decent.  It just took me so long to fall asleep that I didn't sleep long enough.
Problem is..... I had a small bout of tears.   GFB and BFB are going about life without me.  And I'm missing things.  The inaugural game of cards against humanity, I should have been there.  Vegging on the couch, I should have been there.  Goodnight kisses, I don't get any.  And I want them. My bed also doesn't smell right,  ( mind you , at the urging of GFB, BFB changed deodorant and body wash because she "didn't like the smell", and now he doesn't smell right either.) it doesn't sound right, ( no snoring, and inhaled to be soothed by the snoring, and it doesn't feel right for a bunch of reasons.  I miss the arms around me when I snuggle into bed, I miss the cold hands, I miss the scratchy face kissing me when BFB gets home in the morning. (And that whole "I couldn't be bothered to shave look coupled with that smile and blue eyes, HELLA SEXY!, although he'd probably laugh and call me crazy) I miss.... Well I miss everything.

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